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Over 45 years ago the famous fischertechnik building block was introduced. This versatile block, which has attachment options on every side, creates the foundation for all fischertechnik construction sets which are individually arranged, depending on age and skills of the children. These sets give children a first-hand experience of technology and support technical understanding.

The first building blocks were grey. Many people still remember them from their childhood. Today, the main colors are yellow, red and black. You can still use parts which are decades old in today's models. We also offer printed manuals from old sets.

Today, there are 4 different product lines of fischertechnik construction sets available – beginning is always possible. All sets are self-contained and each fischertechnik part fits to another. Block per block. No matter how sophisticated the models get, you can always use the parts of your very first construction set again. An extensive and easy-to-understand manual guides you through the process of constructing and discovering the fascinating fischertechnik world. And for everybody who wants to know more, the “Profi-” and “Computing-” building sets contain didactic booklets with background information, tasks and solutions.